Session 1: Food and Food Chemistry

Session 2: Technology in Food Chemistry

Session 3: Chemical Additives of Food

Session 4: Nutraceuticals

Session 5: Kinetics of Food Process

Session 6: Chemical Composition of Food

Session 7: Intermediary Metabolism

Session 8: Food Microbiology and its Toxicology

Session 9: Balanced Diet, Obesity and Cancer

Session 10: Recent Innovation in Food Chemistry

Session 11: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Session 12: Biotechnology and Nanotechnology in Food

Session 13: Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging

Session 14: Food Physical Chemistry

Session 15: Chemical Fermentation Technology

Session 16: Food Analysis and Quality Control

Session 17: Food Waste Management, Public Health and Food Safety

Session 18: Health and Nutrition

Session 19: Dairy science and Technology

Session 20: Environmental Impacts on Food Production and Consumption

Session 21: Food Drug Interaction

















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